Onboard Luminance Measurement

As a ship-owner, your ship must have its LLL system tested for its own approval and, after that, at least once every 5 years by an Approved Service Supplier.


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According to SOLAS 2004, all passenger ships with a capacity to carry more than 36 passengers must have a Low Location Lighting (LLL) system installed, with its respective maintenance plan, identifying the escape routes. The administration shall ensure that these LLL systems have been evaluated, applied and tested in accordance with the Fire Safety Systems Code.

According to IMO Resolution A.752 (18), a maintenance of LLL systems should be visually examined and checked once a week by the crew and a record should be kept.  All LLL systems must have their luminance tested at least once every five years by an Approved Service Supplier. The inspection and measurement reports of these LLL systems are mandatory.

According to ISO 15370:2021, readings should be taken on site. In conditions of stimulation with 25lux during 24 hours and a fluorescent tube 8W-4100K, the products have the following photoluminescent properties: