Symbols for Fire Control & Safety Plans

Everlux – AutoCAD Symbols for Fire & Safety Control Plans


Everlux is now providing AutoCAD blocks with the graphical symbols for Fire & Safety Control Plan use to naval architects and shipyards.

The symbols were developed in compliance with IMO Resolution A.1116(30), Adopted on 5 December 2017 (Agenda item 9) ESCAPE ROUTE SIGNS AND EQUIPMENT LOCATION MARKINGS, and are available in an AutoCAD file. The file contains the symbols for Means of Escape Signs (MES), Emergency Equipment Signs (EES), Lifesaving Signs (LSS), Mandatory signs for launching lifesaving equipment, Fire-fighting Equipment Signs (FFS), and Shipboard Fire Control Signs (SIS). The Fire-fighting Equipment Signs (FFS) category include the fire equipment symbols with integrated symbols that identify their extinguishing media.

To provide a resource that would be as complete as possible, Everlux decided to also include symbols from IMO Resolution A.952 and IMO Resolution A.654 that may still be required.

Everlux intends to distribute this resource freely to naval architects and shipyards as well as to any marine engineering or fire and lifesaving professional who wish to use it in the development of new Fire Control and Safety Plans or to update existing ones.

If you would like to receive this AutoCAD file free of charge, please leave your contact information in the form below: