Meet the Everlux Project Maritime!

In order to simplify the work of those who are responsible for the ship’s safety signage projects, Everlux developed the Everlux Project Maritime: a software package that, by using Autocad or other file formats, allows the user to design and specify a complete maritime safety signage project from start to finish.

Everlux Project Maritime allows the user to easily insert the appropriate safety signs and systems directly into the drawings of the ship whilst also providing guidance to ensure that the correct choice of signs is made. It contains descriptive documents of the several signage ranges, assuring the product quality in the project.

The Everlux Project sign library is organized as per the Everlux Photoluminescent maritime safety signs catalogue but it includes shortcuts for the signs specified by IMO Resolutions A.760, A.654 and A.952.

Upon completion, Everlux Project Maritime then provides a comprehensive breakdown of the project details and signs specifications, including the alphanumeric code of the sign, the product code, size, type, location and quantity. It will also have a column for the unit price of each sign and the extended totals. It is consequently a valuable tool also for estimation purposes as it allows the user to generate automated BOQ’s, in Excel format.

Everlux Project Maritime is available in two different versions: version 2.5 and version 2.5i. In terms of hardware both versions can be used with 64 bit processors. The 2.5 version works on AutoCAD (post 2008 versions except AutoCAD LT) and after its installation will automatically generate a tool bar with the Everlux Project Maritime menu.

The 2.5i version is an independent application that allows the use of image files as the basis for the safety signage project.

The Everlux Maritime Project is available for free download here