On-board Luminance Measurement Service

We are a DNV Service Approved Supplier for photoluminescent Low Location Lighting (LLL) Systems.

Our technicians are available worldwide to help you meet the classification bodies· requirements in a fast and cost­effective way.

According to IMO Resolution A.752 [18), chapter 9, a maintenance of LLL systems should be visually examined and checked once a week and a record kept. All missing, damaged, or inoperable LLL components should be replaced.

All LLL systems should have their luminance tested at least once every five years. Readings should be taken on site. if the luminance for a particular reading does not meet the requirements, additional readings shall be taken. The readings shall be taken adjacent to the location of the non-compliant readings. The installation is acceptable when the spacing of the non-compliant readings does not exceed 2 m. Otherwise, the LLL component shall be replaced or the illumination increased to meet the requirements.