Everlux Maritime – Your source for fire-fighting equipment signs in compliance with IMO Resolution A.1116 (30) – Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings.

The updated signs as per the requirements of IMO Resolution A. 1116(30) have been available to the market in the Everlux catalogue and Everlux website ever since ISO 24409 was published. What we would like to highlight at this time is that you can now also find the fire-fighting equipment signs with integrated extinguishing agent identification and capacity supplementary signs. These are available in landscape and portrait formats to enable you to provide complete safety information onboard as well as to have a flexible solution that will fit in the available space next to the equipment and save on the installation time.

S 22 07
S 22 48
S 22 63
S 22 91
S 23 56

S 22 27
S 22 58
S 22 68
S 23 01
S 23 66

You can review the complete fire-fighting equipment signs with integrated extinguishing agent and capacity information here.

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