Low Location Lighting (LLL) System

The Everlux Low Location Lighting (LLL) system is a unique system that allows all evacuation routes to stay illuminated, thereby communicating a clear, continuous and unambiguous "means of escape” message that leads to a safe place.

The LLL system is unique in providing consistent and regular information throughout the complete escape route. This reduces possible confusion and panic, factors that hamper the safe egress from occupied areas.

According to IMO Resolution A.752(18) Guidelines for the Evaluation, Testing and Application of Low-Location Lighting on Passenger Ships all means of egress must be marked with a Low Location Lighting system at all points of the evacuation route.

The LLL systems shall be designed and installed according to ISO 15370: 2021 Ships and marine technology – Low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships – Arrangement.


In this video we follow the LLL system installed onboard a Cruise Expedition Vessel to reach our Assembly Station: